Thempra Collection

Created to embellish exclusive public and private indoor and outdoor spaces, the THEMPRA collection, entirely manufactured in Italy, is designed using melted metals processed with great craft: a collection of unique objects with evocative names, organic shapes and soft undefined edges with earthy shades. THEMPRA pieces are timeless and elude the banality of the present as they are almost suspended between past and future.
The common thread that links all items is the creativity with which THEMPRA interprets a romantic idea of nature, expressed through the dialogue between the environment and the materials. Table surfaces are made to be touched, the seats surround plants in an embrace, water springs and the iconic Hera sculpture-brazier are decorated with a skilful craft that exalts and supports the natural properties of materials. THEMPRA gets its inspiration from ancient roots: gardens seen as places of beauty, pleasure and harmony of the senses, just like they were perceived in ancient Persia, where they represented the earthly idea of paradise.
According to Greek philosophy, everything flows: sun, water, wind and time mould nature, making it imperfect by changing its original aspect while at the same time enriching its soul with a story. This is precisely THEMPRA’s philosophy - absorbing beauty and emotions with the passing of time, vulnerable to atmospheric agents and human manipulation. Metal oxidation processes are left free to unfold or skilfully calibrated and fixated when the piece reaches the optimal aesthetics. Past and future, perfection and imperfection, nature and man: terms that are constantly juxtaposed yet closely linked so that it is impossible to consider one without the other.
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