Fountains and Water Features

Water is a fundamental element for the survival of plants and nature in general and is very important to Green Design, which sets up and installs irrigation and subirrigation systems that enable an automatic pest control tailored to the green area in question.
In our gardens, we do not only install functional systems, but fountains, water features and pools as well. In addition to being essential for all plants, lawns and bushes, water is also fundamental for the mental and physical balance of man.
The noise of flowing or gurgling water produced by our fountains and installations makes even more natural an environment that, already through greenery, manages to bring modern man closer to his ancient connection with Mother Nature.
Franco Gullone, a Technician with a thirty-year experience in the outdoor hydraulic sector, guarantees the perfect solution for all water issues and needs and is in charge of groundwater supplies, temperature-regulating sprays and the creation of pools, lakes and fountains of all sizes.
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