Installations, Stagings and Designer Objects

The inspiration that Mother Nature provides every day enables the most sensitive and artistically-gifted individuals to translate it into pieces, installations and designer objects characterised by a common element, a trait that links or reunites them with Mother Earth. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of introducing various works and installations of artists and designers in the gardens and terraces we created.
From ideas with stabilised greenery by Re.rurban designers, natural installations with interwoven branches by Milan-based artist duo Junkai down to other collaborations such as the latter with Milan artist Sonja Quarone.
A perfect example of this was the creation of an entire range of outdoor pieces and furnishings: Thempra Collection. A collection designed in collaboration with friend and artistic director Marco Benedetto Covelli, a range of unique objects with organic shapes and matte earthy shades that timidly integrate with the environments where man and nature meet. A series of items that seem to have been conceived between past and future, away from the limits imposed by time and trends and almost defending the banality of the present. A journey we have undertaken and that is giving us great satisfaction, such as the fountain designed by Architect Mario Botta and installed at the “Vittoriale degli italiani”.
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